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Participation in high-school sports promotes a physically active lifestyle; enhances social integration; aids in weight management; improves self-confidence; develops neuromuscular awareness; builds musculoskeletal and cardiovascular health; and may positively affect academic performance.
World Health Organization 2006.

A good Pilates for teenagers programme can fill the gap between their school sports and daily activities. Back pain is thought to commence as early as childhood or adolescence and it is also thought that children who experience back pain would experience back pain in adulthood. By introducing teenagers to the basics of the Pilates principles they can learn to develop their core stability and increase neuromuscular control. Pilates can also help to improve alignment, condition their body and mind and help protect them against injury.

Pilates for Teens will include use of Pilates apparatus such as the Reformer, Trapeze Table, Combo Chair, Ladder Barrel and Core Align as well as mat based exercises. Each class will consist of a 50 minute session where children will perform a variety of strength and stretching exercises in a circuit like fashion. These sessions are for 13-17 year olds only.

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