Pilates Makes Me Feel ‘Normal’ Body Perfect Pilates

I have lordosis which is an over-exaggerated curve in the lumbar spine. My first memories of this were as a teenager when my back would periodically go into spasm. As a child until my mid twenties I danced and I was forever being told not too stick my bum out which is visually what lordosis looks like – your bum sticks out and so does your belly. I have always found flexion (bending) my spine tricky however extending (arching/back-bending) very easy.

Pilates initially made me more body aware. I danced semi-professionally so I have always been body aware but Pilates takes it to another level. I started to learn and understand where my movements were restricted and what I needed to activate or deactivate to get parts to move or not to move in certain positions/directions.

Through Pilates I have learnt to engage my deep abdominals – ever been told to pull in your stomach but not taught how? This was all of my dance career! I am able to pick my pelvis up so I do not over arch my back and I have leant the tools to lengthen my lumbar spine and to flex my spine.

Cue getting older, having whiplash, having pelvic girdle pain when pregnant, running an ultra marathon, having the odd injury here and there, sitting for too long, sleeping awkwardly etc.. etc..

Pilates always brings me back to normal… without fail.

Kelly Rook ,