About Pilates

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system developed by Joseph H. Pilates back in the early part of the 20th century. Over the course of a lifetime Pilates dedicated his time to improve physical and mental health by creating exercises for the whole body. Pilates exercises the whole body through a range of mat and equipment based exercises, re-balancing muscle use through the entire muscular-skeletal system. Pilates strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves overall health including strengthening the body’s core and improving posture.

Who is Pilates for? 

Everyone interested in improving the way they move, feel and look. Our clientele range in age; from those whose work demands too much sitting; to those who sit too little; from dancers, actors and musicians to sportspeople; from people with injuries and chronic pain, to pregnant women; to those who have never exercised before, or those who always have and always will.

Pilates is an extremely flexible exercise system. The exercises can be modified to allow for a range of difficulty ranging from beginner to advanced.

Benefits of Pilates

Pilates emphasises proper breathing and correct spinal and pelvic alignment. You learn to control your body by concentrating on smooth and flowing movements. Breathing is essential in Pilates, it helps you to execute movements efficiently with maximum power and it can help to reduce stress.

Pilates works the whole body, providing you with an evenly balanced and conditioned physique. It will not produce bulky muscles but instead elongate them, improving muscle elasticity and joint mobility. The results – a body balanced in strength and flexibility.

Pilates exercises develop a strong ‘core’ or center of the body. These are your deep abdominal muscles and muscles closest to the spine. By performing movements which integrate the trunk, pelvis and shoulder girdle, control of the core can be achieved.

So what are you waiting for? Try Pilates today and start your journey to a new fitter and healthier you.