Following difficult logistics of finding days and times that suited all our pregnant ladies we decided not to specify a class for Pre and Post Natal however our Private and Semi-Private sessions can accommodate many bumps!

Many women want to continue exercise during pregnancy and Pilates is a safe and gentle system of exercise that can be performed throughout. Pilates is great at building core strength, focusing on strengthening your abdominals, back and pelvic floor, allowing for an easier pregnancy, delivery and recovery. Pilates is famous for helping new mums get their figures back once the baby is born!

All the exercises are catered to each individuals needs. So whether you require more upper body or lower body exercises to support your changing shape, or more exercises to lengthen and open areas of the body which are feeling tight, your programme can be adjusted as your body grows. You’ll find the use of apparatus will not only support you as your body changes, it will save you from having to get up and off the floor and it will provide you will a variety of exercises to keep your enthusiasm going!

Resuming Pilates after childbirth
Women can generally return to Pilates six weeks after delivery or eight to twelve weeks after a Caesarean section. Your doctor will advise you when your body is ready.

*Please note you are required to have two VIP Private sessions before joining a Semi-Private Class.


VIP Private Sessions

1 x Session £55

5 x Sessions £250

10 X Sessions £460

Semi Private Sessions

1 x Session £27

5 x Sessions £125

10 x Sessions £230

20 Sessions £420

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