Channelling My Inner Calm


People that know me are aware of my life outside of Pilates…the mountains. What started during an ultra marathon as a mere passing phrase that for my next challenge I would like to walk the 3 Peaks, has turned the past five years into munro and fell bagging, kit building, wild camping, motor home buying and regular reading, planning and ticking off the next walk. It’s not an obsession but a pure joy of absorbing myself in nature and spending hour after hour drinking in views which only those that take the time and effort can enjoy. I don’t have what I consider to be a stressful occupation however I relish the peace and quiet of spending hours hardly speaking to a soul.
The part of mother nature which has tested me on many an occasion is the weather. I am a fair weathered soul so wind, rain, hail and snow can be quite testing, although become the norm when over 800m high! However a summers day, up high on a mountain with a picnic lunch and a pair of binoculars to gaze down on the world below is pure heaven.
October half term’s ritual is now spent in Scotland doing just this. I apologise to my clients in advance if this week I have more of a spring to my step and I may seem to be challenging you more. But I am full of energy having channelled my inner calm!