New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of year when we have made or are making New Year Resolutions. I always like to have a few, so I can start the year with something to aim for. These are mine…
1. I want the rest of winter to be low in sugar so I am going to cut out as much processed sugar as I can. I even have my daughter in on this too and we made low sugar flapjacks for her lunch box using my Honestly Healthy cookbook – they are yum!
2. To increase my running. After the Basingstoke Half Marathon I had been a bit lazy leading up to Christmas but that has changed! I have been out running most days now and not only do I feel better for the fresh air , I have even managed to combine it with catch ups with friends and the school run with my daughter on her scooter!
3. Commit to one family outdoor activity each week. Running and walking are easy ones to slot in but this year I would like my daughter to try new outdoor activities. So I hope to coax her into as many different ones as I can – watch this space!!