Why Do Pilates and Why Choose Body Perfect Pilates?


I have been teaching Pilates for 17 years and although it has grown in popularity enormously, I still meet people who are still unfamiliar with the technique. So what is it?
Pilates is a technique created by the late, great Joseph Pilates. A man considered ahead of his time because of his creation of exercises and apparatus.
In Pilates you are working from your core (the centre of your body) for every exercise. Think of your pelvis as the centre of your body. Your feet are your foundations and your legs are your pillars. Your centre is where all the action happens. If your centre, for whatever reason, is not working as well as it could it will affect the remainder of your body. This can lead to compensatory patterns, your body can become misaligned and you can experience pain and/or stiffness. The cause of this can be a range of things for example, being too sedentary so parts of your body don’t get enough use, suffering a trauma from an accident/operation/injury or overuse or poor technique from a particular activity.
Pilates can be categorised as fitness, you are ‘working out’ but also as post rehabilitation. Very importantly Pilates Instructors do not treat or diagnose. Your GP, physio, osteopath, chiropractor, sports therapist do this and once you have had your treatment and have been advised to do so, you can start Pilates. Pilates can act as a preventative from injuries reappearing again.
So what do we do? We closely observe your movements, prescribe you exercises to improve your strength and flexibility and teach you to move efficiently. Through this you will gain greater body awareness, greater body length and control and an improved posture and body confidence. You will work hard but in a safe and controlled manner.
You can come to sessions on your own or in a small group and every time you visit you will perform exercises catered to you and your needs.
Start this year thinking about yourself and your body….for more details on sessions please get in touch.